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Friday, February 24, 2006

We call It "The Departure"

I was listening to WFMU the other day, and heard the classic Bruce McCulloch "Doors," a brilliant oration on being a fan of The Doors. I like WFMU, even though they veer dangerously close to Dr. Demento territory, and McCulloch's impassioned speech made me laugh out loud and break the Freelancers Silence at the coffee shop whose wi-fi I was hijacking for my temporary office.

The Doors is a tricky one for me. I think they are iminently laughable on one hand, but also, they were willing to go there with the love-me/kill-me artboy theatrics. If The Velvet Underground is the psychotic's Rolling Stones, The Doors are the Little Theatre version of the Velvets. But there is something to be said about the resilliency of Little Theatre. Sure, its going to be horrible, and its going to be that same lousy plays, but dammit, they are getting out there and laying it on the muthafuckin line, man. What are YOU doin'?

And yet, I'd be lying if I wasnt stirred a little by McCulloch's speech. I was transported to an old girlfriend in college who nursed that obsession with Jim Morrison that only a hot female poet can pull off. Sure Jim stood shirtless, peering out of her closet, and most likely, she was thinking about him while I made her squirm like a toad, and I' m cool with that. My crazy was a lot less epic, more mealy than ol Lizard Eye's. I was a neurotic Woody Allen to his Antonin Artaud, so I was very happy to serve as a physical proxy for J-Mo. Anytime, G.

I tried to download it all day, but could not find it, so here it is from teh source I last heard it.
Bruce McCulloch - "The Doors" (from WFMU's stream of Ken's show on 2/22/2006)

and WFMU's brilliant comprehensive website is the best use for the Internet ever. Better than eBay, even more useful than IMDB.

and for fun, Snoop Dogg toasting over "Riders of the Storm"


Anonymous traci said...

Jim Morrison used to be The Dead Celebrity I Would Fuck, but I've switched it to Andy Kaufman. Still, though. I had crazy Doors love in high school. I even bought all Jim's poetry books - I still remember that there was one called "Lament for the Death of My Cock."

5:25 AM  
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