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Lunch tonight was: Carnitas, carnne asada and pollo tacos from the place by the Harley Davidson store. Washed down with a half litre Mexican coke!

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hi-de-yi-de-yi-de-yi, Hi-de-yo-de-yo-de-yo!

The new OutKast single has been dropped off by the mothership! On the first listen, it strikes me as kinda sparse by OutKast standards but its still all good. Subsequent listens makes me realize it IS kinda sparse, and better for it, since to me, most of Andre's The love Below was a little Prince for its own good, whereas Big Boi's portion had better beats but not the personality to carry it. here it sounds like them working together ala Stankonia "Sorry Ms Jackson" era with a big of that lazy stoner buggy soul like Erikha Badu.

Outkast - The Mighty O


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