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Friday, March 03, 2006

Get Your Meme On: Andrei Codrescu on Baton Rouge

Listen to the NPR Broadcast

Even though Andrei is somewhat of a fixture in this town, known equally for being a powerful poetry teacher and a lethario (his nickname in the past was "Andrei Undress-you") it is still a trip to hear someone talk about the Wal-Mart I go to (with alarming increase) on National Public Radio.

I don't know Andrei personally, though I've met him a number of times through mutual friends, and he's always struck me as a rather genuine guy, like he has the juice to back up his Big Poet persona. I bought a copy of one of his anthologies "A Craving for Swan" at a yard sale once, priced very conspicuously by the jealous colleague of his, selling his gratis copy for .10. I remeber the guy spitting, "well, I can't just give it away I guess" through his contempt, feeling his act of definace against his much more popular peer needed to be underscored. Anyway, I had a friend get Andrei to sign it, and he wrote "I've done worse for a quarter, but never so much for a dime." I'm not exactly sure his point in that statement, but he won me over with ot anyway. And with the article in there revolving around his Rumanian grandmother's recipe for potato soup. My copy has been long lost in the ether of cross-country moves, but I made the recipe once, and I remember it was pretty good.

The story page at NPR:


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